Skipsea Parish Council Website

Skipsea Parish Council Website is available. It gives details of the Parish Council, what it does, who the councillors are and how they spend public money.    click here to see it

Skipsea Ukulele Festival  Raised £500


 Great fun was had by all and due to your generosity we are able to give £500 to the Alzheimer's Support Group.

Skipsea Park Rangers Summer Fair  Raised £1,214


 It was a fantastic day and I think we were all surprised by how many people came from out of the village as well as seeing plenty from within the community.  

We raised £1,214.49 which I think you'll agree is a substantial amount for our first independent event.  

Our next planned event is a Hallowe'en party in partnership with the youth club.

Click here to see story and pictures in Bridlinton Free Press

Proposed New Wind Farm

at Bonwick near Skipsea 

Whirlwind Renewables are proposing to build a new wind farm near Skipsea.




To see maps of the proposed location of the wind farm, impressions of what it will look like, ask questions or comment on the proposals click here   


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